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Some comments from experienced Powerlifters and Bodybuilders
We may benefit more doing things the old way.

Tom Clance
"Lifters need to have a structured program and stick with it, not jump all over doing stupid routines or no routine. I know what works as I have been doing this for thirty eight years and there is not much I have not done or tried. Lifters used to workout hard, follow proven routines and not depend on equipment or drugs. They built a strong starting point first which resulted in real physiques and real strength which lasted."

Big Bob Williams
"In the sixites and early seventies there was the AAU then in 1979 the USPF and a handful of other Federations, being a State or World Champ was a big deal. Today with all the many Federations, equipment, age classes and rules if you can lift at all, you can find someplace to get a so called title."

Click Here...Paul Bossi with the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation interviewed by Muscle and Brawn.
Interviewed by Muscle and Brawn. Covers wide range of issues. Quote from article."The biggest challenge in running a federation these days are that there are so many organizations in our country there is no validity in becoming a National Champion. Also due to the fact there are the 40 different federations in the USA, meets are smaller for everybody no one wants to travel because somebody is running a meet either sanctioned or not in their backyard. Lifters have choices which are good, but this is bad when it comes to credibly or a meet or title you may have won."

Kenney D. Phillips.
"Thirty years ago you were tought to do the basic core lifts first...bench press, deadlift and full back squat. Olympic lifters and bodybuilders also did front squats. If you couldn't or did not want to do back squats you did hack squats or used a leg press machine. These should still be done by everyone. The simple basics will always work. The basics work best as they work more muscle groups, stimulate muscle growth and burn body fat. Eat right, work these exercises first to build your base and continue to do them, so you can lift at a competitive level into, so called old age. Old style bodybuilding is best for most people."

A World USPF Champion
"As I talk to a lot of the lifters from the 60's...70's and 80's I feel the vast majority of them actually trained smarter than many of today's lifters....There were fewer routines...and the lifters stuck with them for years...Today with the internet new routines are floating around....hundreds of them...most worthless..and many are just copies of the old stuff with a new name on them.......but people do not give any of them a chance...they are flighty...impatient....and in a hurry to get big and strong......TOO BAD as many will never achieve the goals they fact most do not even set goals or cycle routines to achieve them....they just lift with no plan on what to do or how to get there."

A World USPF Champion
"Sometimes...I fight with myself as well as others as to which is more important.......actual scientific principles of weight training (proven and theoretical).......knowledge from experience of proven training methods and routines over the past 40 years or a combination of both......???????.....I get actually I get downright angry when some pencil neck geek with a degree in physical education tells me how to squat or how to train for speed or strength...all because he read a book by another pencil neck geek who thought he was smarter than all that went on before him.........(whew!!!! that off my chest)...."

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