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Modified Small Arch Bench Press
Powerlifter or Bodybuilder Bench Press

This is more or less a modified bodybuilders bench press with the elbows in instead of out and benching into your lower chest not upper . This is not the extreme arch bench press used by the power lifters lifting in with a bench shirt. You can legally place your forefingers on each side no further out than the last ring, a 32" wide grip in most Federations. Even short lifters should attempt to place their hands out as far as possible in order to lift more weight and mitigate the distance traveled. When you grip the bar you should form a perfect Goal Post U-V shape or a slightly bent outward U. You must keep your wrist straight with elbows inward during the decent while bringing the bar down to your lower chest in a controlled manner. Your feet are back under You for leverage, lay back pulling lats back and forming a small arch, bring the bar in below the pecs with elbows in. Push with your lats/back, chest, deltoids, shoulders, triceps, and legs into one unit to force the bar upward and drive it up to lock-out position. Some may not be able to have the very small arch or it may collapse during the upward motion or heave. You cannot sink and heave the bar from the chest but if you learn to control it at your chest you can get a heave without allowing it to sink which is not legal. The idea is to get all of your body to move towards the upward motion at the time you make the bar leave your chest. I have heaved many a lift and never got called for it anyway and probably will not as long as any sinking is not blatant. If you learn to use this form you, will be immediately increase your RAW non shirted bench press. If the bar does not touch your chest it does not count.

Where is the stopping point or hardest part of your bench? Your whole body works together to drive the bar up but certain muscle groups are in play at particular points. When you come off the chest your legs to a point and chest drive the bar up then the delts come into play and you continue to drive the bar and last your triceps. The idea is to get the bar as far at each stage as possible before the next muscle group can kick in. Often if you have a problem finishing a lift at the top lifters will say it the triceps but sometimes it is actually the muscle group prior that needs work in this example the delts.

A contest bench is a complete dead pause (used to be two seconds and still should be) with the bar moving upward after the Judge says press. The bar must move evenly without your rear coming off the bench, your feet must not move around and never throw them out from under you. You can arch your back but you cannot let you rear off the bench. You cannot rack the bar until told to do so by the Judge. The equipped meets seem to have gotten away from a real pause. Sometimes they give the press signal before You can tell the weight has actually touched when lifting in a shirt. A real bench press is done without a bench press shirt but if You elect to lift in one of their meets then keep your mouth shut about equipment as nobody forced You to lift in their Federation.

Mendelson shows correct form

Correct Form Clip
This clip is good example of how not to bench and to bench. Bring the bar lower into the chest as he does in the second example but if You are taller You need to have your hands out to the rings and some benefit by having their feet back under them more. A shorter person will also bench more weight with the wider grip provided he can still keep elbows in and go lower into the chest.

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