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Bent-Arm Pullovers
Click Here...Bent Arm Pullover Described.

Close Grip Bench Press
Click Here...For Close Grip Bench Press Described.

Bench Press
Click Here...Bench Press Described.

Click Here...Dips Described.

Hammer Curls
Click Here...Hammer Curls Described.

Lying Triceps Extensions (French Press)
Click Here...Lying Tricep Extensions Described.

Click Here...Pushdowns Described.

Tripple Tri Superset
Click Here... Tripple Tri-Superset (Evetts) Described.

Other Dumbbell Work
Almost any routine is done better with an easy curl bar, heavy bands, springs or olympic bar than with a dumbbell. Some routines may require the use of a dumbbell but few.

Forearm Isolations
Click Here...Forearm Isolations Described.

Swinging Dumbell Swimming
Take a set of very light weight dumbbells and lean slightly forward and just do a double arm breast stroke with the dumbbells. This is going to be sort like doing front and side lateral raises along with trap and chest work all at the same time. This movement is done in a very controlled but fast movement for the highest reps without stopping.

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