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Touch and GO Bench Press
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Touch and GO
Each Federation has its own rules concerning what is a bench and what you can or can't do when benching. Some of the Federations are so liberal that we don't consider what they call a pause anything more than a touch and go.

A GYM lift is one that touches your chest and is driven back up without a pause often called a touch and go or a bang. You should be able to handle more weight in a touch and go than in a contest lift. There is really no place for touch and go benching in powerlifting or for that matter bodybuilding. You are missing out on that explosive training at the bottom of your lift, which will result in fewer pounds being lifted in a contest lift.

Some say shirted lifters don't need to do pauses etc. That is why shirted lifters cannot lift raw. They have become lock out assisted lock out artist, not benchers.

Hand or three fingers touch Every GYM has someone using the hand or three fingers method which does not count. If a spoter has his/her hands under the bar or touches the bar, it does not count. If you do not bring the bar to your chest, you are building a weak spot. Some of these people get help while lifting, then strut around like some Peacock when they did not really achieve. It does not count.

We know some very physically advanced men who still use Routine One as they are still making good gains. They just increase the weight in all sets and increase the assistance reps.

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