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Titan Bench Press Shirt Detailed Information

Arch Benching
While an arch creates a short, efficient stroke that also allows for more effective utilization of major supportive muscle groups such as the lats, the very act of arching can sometimes create its own set of problems when using bench shirts. Namely, control. Control problems can be evident when the lifter has to fight to keep the bar in the groove as it is descending. This type control issue sometimes results in the bar skating off the "bubble" either back towards the lifters head or forward towards the lifters abs. Now consider this.

How much power is expended to control the bar and keep it in its optimal groove?
Think of it as a simple mathematical equation.
Bench Pressing Power ~ Groove Control Power Expenditure = Maximum Bench
Now what happens if you can reduce the one variable, groove control power expenditure, and allow that extra power to be applied to the pressing movement?

More Control and Bigger Benches!
The problem Titan identified for most of these type benchers was that their sleeves actually tilted back while in the arched position, forcing them to exert extra energy to pull the arms forward, control the groove and then lower and press the weight.

To address this Titan established four goals:
1. Lower the groove
2. Maximize stroke efficiency
3. Create more control
4. Use the overall energy savings to increase power
Read on to find out how we addressed this.

How the F6 Works:
Like the Fury, the F6 sleeves are set at a 90 angle as you look down the length of the shirt. However, the big difference is in the angle of the sleeves as you look across the shirt. The sleeves on the F6 are set at a forward, tilted angle. As the lifter lies down on the bench and begins arching into position, the sleeves on the F6 tilt back to the optimum 90 angle in both planes - and only after the arched position is assumed.

This design accomplishes:
1. A lower groove - the new sleeve allows the bar to drop straight to the optimal pressing point or "sweet spot" with less wandering of the bar.
2. Maximum stroke efficiency - A more efficient stroke is created since less energy is expended.
3. More Control - a lower groove and maximum stroke efficiency creates more stability and control.
4. Increased power - all of the above add up to the ability to redirect previously expended power TO DIRECTLY PRESSING THE BAR UP!

Construction ~ NXG + Plus Fabric
All Titan shirts, the F6 and the Fury feature NXG+ fabric. Titan created it specifically for powerlifting and it is still the strongest, most supportive fabric on the market - virtually tear and run proof. NXG+ is constructed from super high tensile strength polymer yarns utilizing much of the same technology used to produce body armor. While NXG+ won't stop a bullet it can stop a monster weight dead in its tracks and rebound it to completion. And then there is the way we use the fabric. Titan places the ribbed side down to accomplish two things:

maximum grip against the body to help create more energy storage, and maximum wicking action to help move perspiration off the body faster. This helps keep perspiration from acting as a lubricant on the body

NXG+ is the original High Performance fabric, the real thing. And the proof is in the performance and guarantees. Go to our guarantee section and find out why the competition has never attempted to match or beat a Titan guarantee.

Stretch Back
Titan invented the concept and is still improving on it. Our stretch material has been improved and now offers more body, weight and strength. And it still offers the generous stretch properties ideal for maximum utilization of the lats. We understand that constriction and restriction of the lats and back is never a good idea on the bench. All big benchers know that proper lat utilization is one of the most unappreciated, overlooked and underused aspects of proper benching technique.

And don't forget one of the great fringe benefits that was an innovation in itself - easy on and easy off application.

You can't create a shirt designed to handle todays monster loads using yesterdays technology and materials. While others still use lightweight threads that you can pop by hand, Titan useS a state of the art thread that is so strong, it is virtually impossible to break by hand. While smooth as silk and designed to run through high-speed machinery at speeds of up to 7,500 RPM, it holds incredible loads.

A single thread will support 3.75 kg (8.265 lbs.) of Ivanko calibrated plates.
Two threads looped, as in a stitch, will support 10 kg (22.046 lbs.) of calibrated Ivanko plates.
Titan then takes this thread and uses special needles to knit the thread in-between the fibers of our NXG+ fabric. Consider that all Titan shirts have more stitching per square inch than any other shirt of its kind and you'll begin to appreciate what type craftsmanship goes into any Titan shirt.

Titan never, never, never .. never use a straight stitch!
This is powerlifting and the stresses of Titan's sport demand more. Straight stitching and its variations are static and attempt to resist or fight stress. Instead, we combine our special thread with our signature stitch that is designed to expand and contract with the forces exerted on it. That's why you'll never hear any snap, crackle or pop on any of our shirts.

Sleeve to Chest Seam Construction:
The most critical seams on a shirt are those that join the sleeve to the chest. If a shirt is going to tear, it's usually not the seam itself that tears, but the fabric alongside the seam, regardless of how many layers of separate fabric are sewn on top of the seam.

So, Titan takes a different approach. We make as low profile a seam as possible. Not a weaker seam, but a seam that offers less exposed area to stress. Built into this seam system is a double redundant backup stitch system.

The first stitch of the seam is created when the sleeve and chest are joined using our signature stitch. See above for strength description. It is then backed up by a safety stitch and an overlock stitch. The safety stitch backs up our signature stitch while the overlock stitch prevents stress from unraveling any raw edges and running through the seam.

Sides and Sleeve Seam Construction
Simply turn a Titan shirt inside out. You won't find a single straight stitch throughout the entire shirt! We use our safety and overlock stitch for all sides, sleeves and any place where two pieces of fabric have to be joined. It costs more and it takes more time. But if you are under a record load, which one would you rather have on?

Neckline Construction
The neck is one of the most critical areas of this generation shirt. NO chances are taken. Titan created a low profile collar constructed with a 6 ply folded seam held together with our Titan thread and signature stitch to create the strongest, legal neckline possible.

Written Performance Guarantees:
What you get is a rock solid guarantee set right here in writing.

1. Titan guarantees you will bench more in Titan shirts (with the correct fit) or your money back. (Thirty day trial period)

2. Titan shirts are guaranteed for an entire year against blowouts, tears or rips. If it happens, you get a new one - not a repair

3. Titan shirts are guaranteed against runners for 18 months! Again, if it happens, you get a new one - not a repair. It doesn't matter who you bought your shirt from. This is a worldwide guarantee. If it's from Titan and you have a receipt or are in our computer system, you can return it directly to us and we will honor the warranty!

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