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Bench Press Sticking Points

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Sticking Points

Most people believe or tend to think wherever the weight comes to stop at is the sticking point. If You are doing a bench press and push the bar within 2-3 inches from lock out most lifters will agree that your tieceps are weak because the bar stopped at the top. This would be true if the bar off the chest WAS slow, just slowly going up and then stopping. If You blast off the chest and push gradually slowing till the bar almost reaches lock out then stops. The speed of the bar in the bench press is responsible for how far the weight goes up. For example in the bench press, the pecs are used first at the bottom. then the deltoids, then the triceps, depending on where your hands grip the bar and how thick your chest is. These will dictate as to when each muscle groups kicks in. There are other things that influence it as well, such as the speed of the bar, the length of the limbs, etc. You need each muscle group to kick in as late as possible, your deltoids would not kick in till you reached half way and the triceps perhaps three fourths of the way up. Now this is probably not the case but it would be ideal. You blow the bench off your chest then feel the delts kicking in, then the triceps. If you stall out toward the top, in actuality most likely deltoids are the weak spot. Because of speed the bar is carried into the tricep region. If you get the bar close to lock out just after the triceps kick in and the bar stalls the problem may be triceps. The stall out for triceps would be almost at the finish, as the stall out for the pecs would be just a few inches off the chest. Read this somewhere long ago and have checked it out many times and it is correct, go to the muscle group before the failure and work that muscle group, In a perfect liting the sticking points should be at the starting point of each lift, squat at the bottom, bench at the chest, and deadlift on the floor. Work all muscle groups the same and finish all lifts without stalling out. If You work with a bench press shirt You are getting help off the chest and depending on your shirt skill may fuel the bar well past the deltoid zone into the tricep zone. Many shirted lifters no longer worry about their raw lift or getting the weight off their chest but concentrate only on board lock outs as they plan on the shirt taking them into the power zone so to speak. This is fine but power is built outside a shirt lift. If You will work raw and gain power raw You can increase your shirted lift also as the more power You develop off the chest the further You can drive the bar towards the power zone and lock out.

Why not keep a good raw bench as that is what is real. When someone has been using a shirt for a long period of time and not doing any raw work they often become weak without the shirt. Ever notice how many of these guys will try to tell You they are a 500 lb bencher when they are really only a 300 lb bencher without their Inzer Rage or Titan Super Katana. Equipped contest are fine when everyone is under the same conditions but so often the winner of the contest could not get even close to someone benching raw placing third or fouth without his shirt. If You are going to do shirted benching do a lot of tricep work as that is where you will make the most gains but please work all of the bench press muscle groups for your own good.

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