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We provide some information because many people want to use roids...CHEAT...when they have not even reached their natural strength yet. You get what you pay the price for and when you cheat you will eventually be cheated.

Main Benefit
One of the benefits many lifters use roids for is reduced recovery time after heavy workouts. You need at least seventy-two hours normally to fully recover from muscle exhaustion. Steroids cut the recovery time, which allows you to work harder and heavier more often. Steroids increase your testosterone levels, which also increase strength.

The Truth
That all sounds good but people who build with roids tend to shrink when they have to stop or are between cycles. Most people who use roids will eventually have a health condition that will effect negatively affect them at some time in the future. Some people are actually stupid enough not to care about their future and only live for today. Guess that is suppose to sound cool. Are problems with kidney, liver, heart, lung, skin, cancer and mental conditions often before they even turn 30 (thirty) COOL?

That old phrase is exactally what happens to roid users. Some say I will use them short term to build with. That does not work and most cannot seem to stop using once they start, until they are in a hospital and its too late. Roid users are starting to be looked at as not COOL but in the same way many people view a HEROIN ADDICT.

Before You Start On Roids, Creatine, Glutamine, Boosters, Natural Sterols
If you cannot DEAD PAUSE bench press at least 100 pounds (men) over your bodyweight you have no reason to even think about roids or supplements beyond Vitol Egg White Protein Powder and vitamins. You have not even reached your natural strength yet. Unless you are extremely advanced bodybuilder you do not need to know about roids, period.

Who wants to be 50?
You eventually do if you have any sense. When you are on the back side of 50 you would be glad to be 50 again, especially if you could beat 99.99% of the 25 years olds at anything they want to contest when you go to the GYM. I remember working out with a regional 148 pound class lifter and 198 pound national power-lifting champ who both told me it does not matter about tomorrow as we live for today, who wants to be 50, you can't do anything anyway? Some of those guys are dead from steroids. We know several non-roid men in their late fifties who can still do considerably more than a 100 pounds over their body weight (double) for a dead pause on a flat bench without the use of any steroids or bench shirt.

Initial Mass Building
If you build your initial mass with roids, you will shrink quickly when you go off them. Each session with roids may increase your strength but when you come off the roid, you are lucky to have retained even 5% of the gain after nine months.

If you will use a reasonable lifting routine, change up routines every 30-60 days, use egg protein, Nucare Creatine, Nucare Glutamaine, Arginine and Universal Natural Sterol Complex you will get better gains without all of the medical worries. We don't think everyone needs to use Creatine, Glutamaine, Arginine along with Animal M Stack or Pro Lab Prime or GammaO but these supplements along with VITOL Egg protein and heavy lifting will produce results that will last. Most people for at least the first two years would be better served to just use VITOL Egg Protein and a Multi Mineral Vitamin tablet. If you just have to be doing something to get the so called edge, use what we told you above, you don't need anything else.

If you are under 21 do not take any type of Steroid, Creatine, Growth Hormone, Hormone Precursor or Gama Oryzanol. Gama Oryzanol is a Natural Sterol found in many supplement packs. If your growth plates have not closed you may still be growing. Taking these drugs will cause your growth-plates to close, bone problems, growth plate problems, shin-splints and stop you from reaching your natural height in addition to all of the future medial problems you will suffer. Anyone that has high blood pressure, heart or prostate problems should not take any steroid or hormone precursor.

Cheating ~ Being a failure!
It is wrong to enter a so called DRUG FREE meet on roids, not be tested or beat the test and win a championship or a trophy. When you do this you have stolen someone's trophy. How can you feel good about getting something you don't deserve when you LACK THE GUTS and integrity to play by the rules? You will always know that your were not good enough to do it on your own!!!

Be a true success. Do whatever you do without cheating anyone or yourself. When you tell someone you did something you know that you actually did the lift for real. You don't want to have in the back of your mind "I had to cheat, never really did it for real, I am really a cheating liar". You will not be washed up by the time your forty or fifty and worring about medical condtions.

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