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Body Squats - Free Standing

Front Squats Described.

Hack Squats Described.

Half Squats

Hindu Squats

Powerlifter Back Squats-Full Squats

Powerlifter Lock Out Back Squats

We don't substitute Hack Squat Machines, Jammers or Smith Machine for SQUATS of any type if you are serious about powerlifting. .

Click Here....Demo of a Back Squat.
If powerlifting or attempting heavy singles you cannot do the lifts as shown in the clip. Do them as described above.

Basic Full Squat Routine

Warm up with light weight and stretching first.
Squat off rack or in a power rack cage with spotters~ 7 sets total 54 reps.
Monday and Thursday. Make one day heavy and the second about 40% lighter.
10 light warm ups
8 ~ 6 ~ 4 ~ 3 ~ 6 ~ 8 ~ 10 done as ladder-sets increasing weight on way up to set of three and decrease on way down.

Assistance Work
Leg press ladder sets increasing weight on way up and decreasing on way down. 10, 8, 6, 8, 10, 15
Ab work, Treadmill.

If you are not doing deadlifts on another day you need to do some back work. Modified Powerlifter shrugs.

Do ab work and treadmill work following your lifting.

Valantin Dikul may be the best lifter ever, hes in his late fifties and lifting RAW
Some say this is fake but WE believe he for real, well known and famous in Russia. I know the lifts are not IPF perfect but he is lifting RAW doing more than BOLTON. I think the no spotters, no equipment makes people wonder even more if this is faked but based on who is lifting it is probably for real.

Watch this clip, Squats, Dead Lifts, Benchers, Motivation.
There are unbelievable dead lifts, squats and benches in this five minute clip. After the little body builder finishes his partial overheads its all power lifters and olympic lifters. One guy is doing strict military press overhead high reps with 315, several big benches, several 800+ dead lifters, one doing eight reps with 700, a 1000 pound squat-er. Both old school and new guy lifters. None of this is faked. This is POWERLIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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