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Combination Lifter Rest Periods
When working the powerlifter routine you should get at least five or more minutes minimum rest between sets as you are only concerned with strength. When doing the bodybuilder routine it is hard to say which is best but generally shorter is better. You can do more weight with three minutes or more rest between sets on the powerlifts but if you will utilize a shorter rest period you increse your natural growth-hormone from you body. We like the longer rest period on the bench press, squat and deadlift not exceeding five minutes and as little rest as possible when doing assistance work. You increase definition with shorter rest periods utilizing higher ten plus rep isolated sets. Best size is obtained in the five to eight rep range. Strength is increased in the one to three range with heavy poundage and longer rest periods. The heavier weight you can rep with the more the muscle is forced to expand. The lifter that can combine both types of workout actually in the best type of lifter. At some point you will need to decide on what you want powerlifting or bodybuilding if you are going into contest at a National Level and concentrate on that type of lifting but overall for the long haol the combo lifter is vastly superior to all other lifters. The combo lifter works both types in his/her bodybuilding routine and is able to LOOK AS STRONG AS HE IS AND BE AS STRONG AS HE LOOKS.

Bodybuilder Rest Periods
Use three minutes/five minutes max on the powerlifts and little as possible on all other movements. Bodybuilders need the pump and cardio. Bodybuilders that work as fast and heavy as they can with excellent form generally grow faster and are in much better shape than a powerlifter.

Powerlifter Rest Periods
This is per Ricky Crain
Let us discuss rest periods between sets and in training..........The amount of time between sets and reps will vary depending on your training program, your cardio and muscle endurance level, your workout program and goals (i.e. training for a sport, training to get into shape, training for a bodybuilding or powerlifting meet, etc.) and your experience level and time allowed for the workout. In powerlifting your rest periods will be longer in general than in any other type of training. At the beginning of a cycle my rest periods are less and sometimes I even do 2-3 or more sets at a time, instead of 5 sets of 5 I might do 2 sets of 10 at the same weight and finish off the odd set of 5, just for a change, but only at the beginning of a cycle when the weight is much lighter. If you are having form problems you should not do this; as this is the time to work on that. As the weight gets heavier and the reps drop to 3's and 2's the rest period will become greater. If I am in the last 3-5 weeks of my cycle and I am doing heavy squats for 3's, my rest period will be 10-15 minutes. Also if I am doing 3 sets, it would be obvious that the third set will take a longer period of rest than the first sets. I firmly believe one should rest till they are at least 95% recovered from the previous set. Remember we are not looking for a pump, just a little muscle endurance, and a lot of pure strength; we need the rest to be able to handle that heavy max weight again for sets. In hot weather perhaps longer times and in cooler weather a shorter time will be needed. The lighter class lifters usually get by with less rest time than a 350 lb super. You need to get the oxygen back in your system but remember do not cool down. It is an art to learn the right amount of time to rest and everybody is different. So pay attention to your body and your previous training sessions to keep learning. If you do not rest long enough, you defeat the purpose of handling the heavy weight for strength gains. Also your form will tend to get sloppy if the rest period is not long enough. So beginners, learning your body and its recovery time is very important.

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This is a great site to use as a reference clip demo of most exercise routines we use but not all of them. Shows muscle groups worked and how they are normally performed. Chris has changed some to suit his routines and what we wish to accomplish. You can look at this site as a reference but you need to do the exercises in your routine exactly as and in the exact order listed in the routine. Some of the work is done in a new way per Chris Lift as he has created combo excercises that may not be listed anywhere else. PAGE DOWN!

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