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How Many Reps Are You Going To Use?
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Rep Sets

If you want to be as strong as you look and look as strong as you are and be big, you need to work within all of the rep sets. You cannot just work in high reps.

1-4 Reps
You use as much weight as possible in this rep range. You gain strength and increase the density of muscles. All of the powerlifting sets should use this range in the routine. A lot of power is gained with sets of 1, 2 or 3 in the bench press, deadlift, and squat.

5-8/9 Reps
You maximize muscle size by using 5-8 reps. You should be able to use approximately 80% of your max lift. This rep range can be used with all types of exercises. If you want to get larger you need to combine low reps and reps in the six to eight range.

10 to 15 Reps
You can isolate body parts for definition. Weight should be heavy enough to just make 15 reps but light enough to handle in good form and isolate a muscle group.

15+-to exhaustion with light weights
This rep range is used to increase muscle tone and endurance. Modified heavy hands is an example of this. Over a period of time you should work up to finishing a bench, squat or deadlift routine with your own body weight for twenty five reps. You don't do this within forty five days of a powerlifting contest.

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