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The Titan Katana features Titan's patent pending TORQUE SLEEVE DESIGN combined with the new NXG Super Plus material. This new material is 26% thicker and stronger than the NXG+ material. The result is double-ply type power from a single-ply IPF approved bench shirt. The Titan Katana will take your bench press to new heights! The Titan Katana comes in both arched and flat back bench styles and is backed by and unmatched guarantee. 13 months blowout plus an 18 month "No Run" guarantee!

Want A Big Bench Press?
The Titan Bench Shirt is the highest quality shirt available!
You may be able to dramatically increase your Bench Press with a
Titan Fury or F-6 Bench Press Shirt
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If you intend to enter a Bench Press Contest you need a Bench Press Shirt. If you do not have a Bench Press Shirt you will be at a disadvantage because, any serious competition will be wearing theirs.

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