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Yes, we know that most are just a waste of money but our people make positive gains. We have people tell us that they have been working with a personal trainer for a period of time and made little progress. This is common. Personal Trainers are after your money. The common thought is if you make too much progress and get the knowledge you need along with being self motivated you won't keep paying them. There is enough information on this site to make anyone successful if they will put forth the effort. Many times you will find more information from someone in a GYM who is actually doing things and not trying to make a buck off of you. Ask these people for help and do not be intimidated to talk to the guy benching 400+ pounds or looking the way you want to look. They will help you and some will provide a lot of information and motivation without costing you a dime. Remember when you are asked for help, Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

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