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Full Squats ~ Powerlifter Back Squats
Do not start these until you have done leg presses and hack squats for at least 90 days.

Try to have three spotters, use saftey stands or squat in a power-rack. Wear a lifting belt and knee wraps. Do not use a powerlfitng suit unless you are a powerlifter entering a contest. Wear knee wraps. Use a squat stands if possible or power rack with good spotters.

We prefer to place our hands out as far as possible like a powerlifter does without covering the outside collars and resting the bar on the saddle created on the traps below the neck. This is lower than many and the wider hand spacing will permit more control over the bar. Set the bar where your legs are bent down enough that when you stand up you can clear the rack by two inches. When you lift stand straight with with big chest air keeping your chest out and head back a litte or looking straight out not down, move slowly with your right foot sliding back about six to 10 inches and out to width you (move 1-move2) need to start which should be as wide as possbile for powerlifting and no more than shoulder width for bodybuilding then repeat with your left, do not walk back with the weight. When you are given the command to squat desend as fast as possible in a controlled manner to at least parallel and then exert force to stand back errect to starting position and rack weight when told to rack weight by the judge. If you have enough weight when doing powerlifting squats and the wraps art ight enough you will be able to rebound off the bottom as that will be the lowest possible position you will be able to reach.

Basic Full Squat Routine

Warm up with light weight and stretching first.
Squat off rack or in a power rack cage with spotters~ 7 sets total 54 reps.
Monday and Thursday. Make one day heavy and the second about 40% lighter.
10 light warm ups
8 ~ 6 ~ 4 ~ 3 ~ 6 ~ 8 ~ 10 done as ladder-sets increasing weight on way up to set of three and decrease on way down.

Assistance Work
Leg press ladder sets increasing weight on way up and decreasing on way down. 10, 8, 6, 8, 10, 15
Ab work, Treadmill.

If you are not doing deadlifts on another day you need to do some back work. Modified Powerlifter shrugs.

Do ab work and treadmill work following your lifting.

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