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Protein Information
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Egg protein is considerd the most nearly perfect source of protein because of it's amino acid pattern most nearly matches that needed for human growth. A proteins amino source is based on amino acid composition.

Net utilization is a proven method which determines what percentage of a protein we ingest can actually be used for growth. Net protein utilization defined by Wikipedia. The net protein utilization, or NPU, is the ratio of amino acid converted to proteins to the ratio of amino acids supplied. This figure is somewhat affected by the salvage of essential amino acids within the body, but is profoundly affected by the level of limiting amino acids within a foodstuff. Experimentally, this value can be determined by determining dietary protein intake and then measuring nitrogen excretion. One formula for NPU is: NPU = ((0.16 x (24 hour protein intake in grams)) - ((24 hour urinary urea nitrogen) + 2) - (0.1 x (ideal body weight in kilograms))) / (0.16 x (24 hour protein intake in grams)) As a value, NPU can range from 1 to 0, with a value of 1 indicating 100% utilization of dietary nitrogen as protein and a value of 0 an indication that none of the nitrogen supplied was converted to protein. Certain foodstuffs, such as EGGS or milk, rate as 1 on an NPU chart. The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score is a more modern rating for determining protein quality.

Based on these facts it only makes sense to eat what is going to be utilized best by our bodies to be lean and or build muscle and maintain health.

94% Egg Protein.
83% Milk Protein with 10% egg.
81% Protein from the sea, meaning fish.
73% Meat Protein.
66% Soy Protein.

Egg protein is considered the most nearly perfect source of protein because of it's amino acid pattern most nearly matches that needed for human growth. A proteins amino source is based on amino acid composition.

100% Egg Protein ~ Highest.
70% Protein from the sea.
69% Meat Protein.
66% Milk Protein with 10% egg.
47% Soy Protein.

Four calories per gram. 90% of dry weight of blood, 88% of muscles, 70% of skin. Provides the connective and structural building blocks of tissue and primary constituents of enzymes, hormones and antibodies. Components of protein are amino acids. Dietary protein is derived from both animal and plant foods.

When you go into a Health Food Store know what you want before going into the store. Do not let some clerk lead you into something other than or a different brand than what you intended to buy. These clerks generally do not know much and most have not used very many products. Clerks are told to push what is most profitable to the store.

Most major bodybuilders prefer egg or egg-white protein in their personal diet. Some get paid to advertise other proteins but we know that they all use egg-whites in their own diet. There is no cholesterol in the white of an egg. Vitol, Jay Robb, Healthy & Fit have the best products you can buy. We prefer Vitol but it has become hard to get in the USA. Jay Robb offers an excellent easy to mix non GMO, Lactose-Free egg white protein from chickens not treated with hormones. Healthy & Fit products are easier to find than Vitol and Jay Robb and are excellent but do not mix as well. Jay Robb has 2g of sugar alcohol that we don't like, otherwise it is as good a product as there is. No MSG, No Acesulfame-K, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Cholesterol, No Aritificial Colors, No Aspartame, No Sucralose, No Lactose, No Calories from FAT, No Saturated Fat, No Trans Fat.

Vitol Egg Protein is best protein available. You get more protein for your money, and the quality is superior. One tablespoon of VITOL egg protein is approximately 12 grams. Two tablespoons of VITOL provides more protein than the large scoops most products have. We mix VITOL in water or soy milk with a spoon and drink it without anything else. Vitol taste and mixes great. It is best to drink your protein with a meal.

Some hard gainers may want to use Vitol 5000 Quick Gain, Gorilla or Genesis Quick Gain products initially.

A lot of professionals say to take at least your bodyweight in protein each day for gains and many exceed this greatly. This may be excessive for some people. Some professional medical people say you should not exceed 100 grams from protein daily. You burn off approximately 12-14 calories per pound of muscle per day without doing anything compared to a fat loss of only 3-4 calories per pound of fat. Makes sense to eat what the body needs to build muscle and not fat.

Most people need 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day from food to live well and most people seem to get a lot more than that from bad sources. When training heavy and hard you may need more calories and protein. Heavy lifting bodybuilders and thinking non-fat power lifters prefer egg protein also.

Never buy any protein with insulin or sugar listed on the label.

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