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You cannot put off getting into shape until some future magical date. This is why the GYM business thrives in January, February and then declines. When you start something you don't quit. When you plan to do something positive, don't put it off. How many young people are going to sit out a semester of college, wind up in the work force and never go back to finish their degree? How many of you are going to go see a parent or grandparent next week and just never get around to going, until its too late. Don't do this.

Why not get what you can when you can and work to make the future what You want? This applies to school, work, accepting Jesus or whatever. You take advantage of whatever is available today, prepare for the future and hope your still around to reap the rewards. Don't put off what you can do now for what you could do in the future, You don't know what may happen.

Some say GOAL SETTERS or Lifters are OBSESSED?
Obsessed is a word the LAZY use to describe the motivated and dedicated!

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Please listen to the above tape. I had this on a cassette tape back in 1978 and played it so much it is hard to understand but now its on the Internet. All kids need to listen to this tape. You become what You think about.

I have had some negative feed back about my telling my email lifting list to set goals. If You don't set first short term goals then long term goals You are much less likely to ever achieve your goals. You must write them down and make a plan to meet these goals and then work your plans. You get back exactly what You put out.

This goal setting is for bodybuilding, personal, business, school and powerlifting. You want to get to a place in life professionally or in a sport You must have a goal of what You want to achieve and then a plan to get there. You must then work your plan. Set short term achievable goals and then WRITE your plan as a road map to success and then go after that goal hold it before You each day and eventually You can make it happen. You cannot get anywhere if You have no plan to get there.

Remember there are a lot of people who are more than willing to tell You that You cannot do something, so don't listen to these people. They are not motivated and don't want You to be either.

NOTE" This EMAIL goes out to many people. Most are motivated or I would not have them on my email list. Do You want to be one of the few or one of the many? If You are happy being one of many and just want to act like You want to be BIG TIME but are not willing to work to attain a goal and my email bothers You making You feel guilty deep inside that You are not a doer, just email me back the following; State that You are not really motivated but just a talker, not a doer and I will gladly remove You from my email list. You can the wallow in mediocrity if that is what You really want. In the long run it would be better if You just get the guts to make what You want happen next year. Lets all win our STATE- REGIONAL- WORLD Championships or at least get better than we were last year at the very least. You might get further than You expect if You will try. Gain or lose that weight, accept Jesus, make that money and reach whatever lifting goal You think of in your mind. It would not be possible for You to dream of a goal if it was not possible for You to attain.

Set your 2013 goals today. The progressive realization of a worthy idea is success.

Set short term and long term goals, plan your work and work your plan.

Good Lifting,
Christopher A. Liftiano...Chis Lift

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