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Dead Pause Stop Bench Press
Some do this with all sets on all routines. You just pause the weight at your chest for three seconds then press to lock out. Three Second Pause Benches As the name implies, pause the bar at the chest for a slow three count ("1--2--3"). Doing this will improve one's lift off of the chest, and it will make the wait for the press signal at a contest seem short. This is another good exercise for raw benchers. Shirted benchers become weak in this area as they get dependent on their shirt for the low chest help. You don't get stronger if you lift in a bench shirt all of the time.

Others like to use a simple routine for pauses that involves using a weight you can only lift for 2-3 repetitions (after a warm-up) then putting it down and resting momentarily (10-15 seconds), then perform another 2-3, rest, then another and so on until you can longer lift the weight. Using a spotter is highly advisable! Bench Press Described

Some powerlifters will pause all lifts for a split second before pressing regardless of the routine sets. This is actually better than a touch and go routine.

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