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Most Lifters ~ Equipment Issues ~ Teen Lifters

Most Lifters and/or New Lifters.
You must do the bench press, deadlift and some form of a squat be it a hack squat, back squat or a leg press machine. These are the basics and work best as they work more muscle groups and stimulate muscle growth and burn bodyfat. You need to start with bench press routine number, chart your workouts and eat per our food and supplement page. Do not expect to bench a legitimate 400 in the first year of lifting. It is more important to develop your body correctly and have long term success that last a lifetime. If you work hard, you will achieve, this is a proven fact. You need to use bodybuilding form in all of the powerlifts not powerlifter form, you are trying to improve your body not ruin it before you get a good foundation created. Don't rush into powerlifting or drug use bodybuilding. You must build your base first!
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We don't even like to mention equipment to a new lifter but with the abuse of equipment that has taken place in the last few years we must as you will be exposed to equipment. Many Federations now only offer equipped meets. This is a terrible blight that is ruining the sport of powerlifting. Not only do you have to contend with the drug cheats but now you have to use equipment to compete on a level playing field. You cannot afford to spot another lifter 20%-40% due to his using equipment. The only equipment a lifter should be using is wrist raps, knee raps and a belt. You cannot build strength in lifting equipment. What strength gains you make are made without the equipment. You do not have to train year around in equipment. If you do this you will eventually have physical problems.

Many State High School Associations do not allow the use of equipment. This is a good rule and should not be changed though many associations are under pressure to allow equipment. Equipment is not good for anyone regardless of age due to the way it is used today. Equipment should be used only by a very experinced powerlifter during a contest and/or for no more than thirty to forty five days before a contest. Under no circumstances should you use a bench press shirt or lifting suit unless you are advanced to the stage of entering a powerlifting contest. Teen lifters should enter only unequipped meets or be good enough to lift and win without the equipment.

Teen Lifters
If you are under twenty we prefer that you not use any weight that you can't easily tripple as your growth plates may still be open especially those under eighteen. Extremely heavy single max squats and deadlifts or are not good for new and especially young lifters. Teen lifters should not bench, deadlift or squat anything they can't do for at least three or four reps without any sort of equipment. You can build up to a big three rep bench over a perid of time. The NFL and Colleges don't look at what you can do for a single rep but what you can do for several.

Heavy benching, squats and deadlifts may result in shoulder tears, ligament, bone, growth-plate and or vertebra damage or the premature closing of growth plates.

Some Coaches will tell you there is nothing to worry about concerning injuries or growth plates. These are self-serving individuals who really only care about themselves. People tend to ignore or pretend things are otherwise in order to continue to do whatever benefits them. Some parents are living through their so called star and are not thinking of the future. You can be a larger star for many years by developing your base naturally first instead of building the stage for future problems. Do the reps and work up while creating your strong base, you have the rest of your life to live, don't ruin it before you get started. The athletes that do heavy max squat and deadlift as teens tend to have arthrits at a much earlier age than normal. There is no reason for a teen to ever use a squat suit, deadlift suit or bench shirt as this will only further damage do to overloading a body that is not developed to handle the weight. When these suits were originally developed they were for safety but that is not true in today's lifitng due to the way they are used and made.

Teen lifters need to do pullovers to thicken and expand their rib-cage along with major tricep work. This is why we require all teen lifters do Lying Tricep Extensions, Bent Arm Pullovers and Close Grip Bench Press. All lifters would benefit from these exercises.

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If you start roids before your growth plates have shut you will not get any taller as your plates will immediately shut. There is no good reason to ever use roids in bodybuilding or powerlifting except to cheat. You will eventually have medical conditions develop due to your roid use, FACT!!
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