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Modified Powerlifter Shrugs

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Combination Back Trap Lat Routine.
Builds the back, shoulders and traps.
This is much harder than the standard lightwieht dumbell shrug you see people do which is not going to help with power or size. This is the way one of America's strongest men does his. He has very large traps. I have had some so called big time bodybuilders question why we do this. The reason is that it helps you become more powerful and larger in the traps, back and shoulders and mitigates injuries to the neck area.

Place the bar on a rack at knee height. Grasp the bar with your left hand down and your right hand up and lock fingers. When you lift push down with legs at the same time you lift with your back and drag the bar straight up. Do not bend your arms. When you are at the finish position lift your traps and roll them back with a slight lean back into the finish as if doing a contest finish dead-lift. If you are doing a max dead lift you will not try to lift your traps but pull your shoulder back. Sometimes if your are at the top position and cannot get your shoulders back and just stick your chest forward and try to lean back often judge will give the lift to you. Try to use enough weight when doing the lift and roll that it is hard to do more than 10 reps.

If you are told not to do this by someone in your GYM, ignore them. All great athletes generally do shrugs and and deadlifts with the olympic bar set. You need to use as much weight as possible if you want serious gains but many have good gains with just their body weight and excellent gains with just a 100 pounds over their bodyweight. It is a waste of effort to use lightweight dumbells when doing shrugs. The dumbells provided that they are not extremely light may help with definition at most.

You may want to mix a few finish holds in with the shrugs. When in the top position hold the weight at the finish position and count quickly to twenty and then put down. When in a contest you do not lift up and roll the shoulders as the weight should be too heavy, just pull the shoulders back and lift the head up and stick out you chest if possible to give the appearance of a finish.

We like to immediately follow our modified powerlifter shrugs with close grip front pulldowns.

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