Be as strong as you look and look as strong as you are!
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Matt Kroczaleski on Bench Press Shirts.

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This was a quote shown to be from Matt Kroc who is may be the best powerlifter currently lifting.
Look as strong as You are and be as strong as You look, he does.


I know this is going to cause a lot of hate and discontent but the truth is the gear has gone way past the point of injury prevention and actually lends itself to causing injuries now. Four broken arms due to bench shirts in the last year alone. When we are handling weights 200-300lbs and sometimes more than we could handle without the gear that is putting way more strain on our ligaments, tendons and bones than the gear can provide protection for. There is truth in that briefs/squats suits offer protection to the hips when squatting ultra wide but the reason we squat ultra wide is to take adavantage of the leverage and rebound offered by the gear. Try squatting raw with your feet out the sides of the monolift, it doesn't work nearly as well. Bench shirts offer protection for a few guys with bad shoulders but are causing lots of forearm and wrist injuries because of the loads we handle with them on. Handling big weights and pushing your body to its limits will result in injuries no matter what you wear. Gear doesn't solve this problem. The truth is that is it too hard for most guys to give up the numbers they have hit with gear on and accept the fact that they can't move that kind of weight without help. It's hard to admit you're really a 400lb bencher when you can hit way over 600 with a shirt on.

1. Get rid of bench shirts. I am not anti-gear by anymeans but everyone has to admit bench shirts look rediculous and have gotten out of hand. When I have shown "normal" people my videos from meets the first thing they say is "What are you wearing?" Women have called the bench shirts halter tops, scoop necks etc. and think it's hilarious. Then try to explain why we wear them and the first thing they say is "So they help you cheat?" This would also solve two other problems. Namely not having muscular winners and frequent bombouts. The bench shirts are the reason for a majority of the bombouts. At the WPO semis in Chicago there were far more missed lifts than made ones. And most of the lifts that were made didn't look that great. Without shirts there would be very few bombs and a lot more guys going 3 for 3. Also with bench shirts gone you would have more of the muscular, more marketable guys doing well. Look at the best powerlifters from the era before bench shirts. Almost all of these guys were stacked. Kaz, Arcidi, Pacifico, etc.

2. The "powers that be" need to find a few decent looking guys with good lean builds and market them. If you want to know how to bring money to the sport look at what Weider has done with bodybuilding. He took something that was considered a "freak show" (sound familiar?) and made it into a multi-million dollar business. Look at his magazines, most of the articles and covers show the marketable guys. Gunter, Jay Cutler, etc. Personally, I don't think the bald head goatee look is chiefly responsible. You can market the "tough guy look", look at all of the "animal" supplement ads. Also Kaz and Pudzianowski aren't pretty boys but they do have big muscular physiques and they're both marketable. It is the fat-slob physiques that turn people off. You have to show something to the general public that they want to achieve and powerlifting has that. What is the first thing anyone asks you when they know you lift weights? How much do ya bench? And Joe Skinny arms wants a bigger bench. Take Kenelly or Mendelson and market their massive raw benches. One of those guys doing a raw bench at the Mr. Olympia would have went over huge. Powerlifting can be marketable we just have to find the right avenues.

3. A real time score board at meets. How exciting would a football game or basketball game be if no one knew the score? We need to come up with a score board that has all of the lifters names on it will real time totals. That way people in the audience can look and say wow if he makes this dead he jumps from fourth to first. I have witnessed some great battles and I was on the edge of my seat but the majority of the people watching had no clue as to what was going on right in front of them. A real time score board would get the crowd much more engaged in the lifting.

These are just a couple of things off of top of my head and I know there are a lot of other great ideas out there to help advance our sport. Let's put our heads together and get powerlifting the respect it deserves!


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