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Knee Lift with Palm Thrust Speed Reps
Total Body Routine

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Builds Cardio, Abs, Back, Shoulders/Arms and Endurance.
This type of routine should be done in conjuction with other types of cardio and weight lifting.

Knee Lift
The movement is very simple, like doing part of a front snap kick but instead you just raise your knee up and slightly twist when level with the waist, drop your foot back to the floor and do the other leg. Keep doing this back and forth remember to slightly twist at the top of the movement. Do this in as fast a manner as possible. When your are used to doing this movement in a controlled manner try to increase the speed and after a period of time start doing a plam thrust forward with each side also. We want to do this is as fast a manner as possible for as long as possible each time you do this type of knee lift. Some prefer to do the knee lifts separate from the Palm Thrust, but the main thing is to do all of the work in as short a time period as possible.

Demo Video of Knee Lifts.
This video shows how to do a proper knee lift. We do these left right right left as fast as possible, up and twist. ABS/Cardio.

Video-A Professional Athelete does Knee Lifts In His Routine.

Palm Thrust Twist Strike Speed Reps
Begin with your hands tucked up under your arms in the ready position hands open with the fingers pointing upward and the heel of the palm forward, your thumbs tucked in and the wrist area tight. Thrust you palm towards your target, striking with the heel of the palm. Unlike other strikes there is no twisting of the arm with the palm heel strike.

Like to do these (Part 1) into a striking bag or a hand held punching bag in combination with knee lifts. Like to do this movement with an open hand, however some prefer to use a closed fist. We do these movements from a fighting tee stance left (left and right) and from a flat foot stance with feet approximately a foot to eighteen inches apart, depending on height etc.

(1) The idea is to strike with the open hard part heel of the hand into the target alternating from side to side in as fast a manner under control as possible. Your plam is up by your waist in the palm fist position when you start to strike out but with the knuckles up when you actually hit the target, sorta like a reverse punch. You can do these with a fist in the same manner. Do these both left and right side until you are nearly exhausted.

(2) Next stand in front of the target flat footed strike straight out with both hands like doing a bench press, until exhausted (work bench press) into ribs/chest so to speak.

(3) Next stand in front of the target and thrust upward with a twisting movement from side to side as if you were palming someone under the right chin then twist somewhat and go up under the left chin until exhausted. You twist with each movement. After a period of time you will be getting a lot of power into the movement when you are able to ad power from your legs, hips and lats into the upward thrust somewhat.

Click Here For Plam Heel Thrust Demo Pictures

We are not doing these movements with a lot of force but with a lot of speed. If you are not familiar with striking open hand style become used to the movement before you use a lot of force or do closed hand. Be careful how you strike and what you use for a target as we don't want you to hurt your wrist or hands. Some may want to just use air to start. We know some who have done this for a period of time that can break boards easily with an open hand or closed hand or fist while being on target and maintaining speed of striking.

If you do these two movements (Knee Lifts/Palm Thrust) with the heavy hands system and free body squats you will be in much better shape, more muscular and lose excess weight. The more twisting and speed used for longer time periods, the better your results (abs).

You may be better able to defend yourself with a upward open palm thrust under the chin if someone stands close to you in a threatening manner. A real fast upward palm thrust under the CHIN can do serious damage to most people. (do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) Knee lifts, front snap kick, side snap kicks can also hurt but require a lot of time to learn to use in an offensive manner but can be used immediately for Cardio routines. It makes sense to lift weights and do cardio in a manner that helps with self defense and other daily tasks.

We like to do the Palm Thrust and Knee Lifts before we do our heavy hands walk followed with leg raises and free body squats.

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