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Some say Lifters are OBSESSED?
Obsessed is a word the LAZY use to describe the motivated and dedicated!

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Low A few questions answered.
This page covers some of the basic questions.
Type of Gym, Work, Age, Food, Personal Trainers, Proscrastination
Low Assistance Work ~ Exercise Described
Specific exercise and assistance work described!
Low Bench Press Routines
Total body workouts, Proven Bench Routine!
Single lift charts, bench shirt info, lifting federations, records.

Low Cardio ~ Modified Heavy Hands System
Good combination cardio/tone/lose weight system.
supplements Dead Lifting.
Learn how to deadlift. All styles and a basic routine.
Second Food Information
What you should eat and what you should not eat.
Calorie charts, food charts, diets, supplements.

Low Motivation! Think on these FACTS!
Read before you start lifting.
Facts of life and lifting.
Low New Lifters ~ Young Lifters ~ Most People!
Avoid injury by building your base first.
Teen lifters should not max out.
Second Supplements Information
Chris list his favorite Supplements and Natural Sterols that will help build your body.

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Low Squats
All types of squates described with a basic routine.
Low Steroids.
The way many people cheat themselves.

Brief information on Steroids, Growth Hormone and Hormone Precursors.
Low The old way of lifting!
Thoughts from some experienced lifters.
Vertebra Chart...
Tells which Vertebra does what and illness associated with injury to that vertebra.

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