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A lot of info about Bench Shirts, lifting suits, squat suits. Unless you are entering a contest you don't need these.

Elbow Wraps
Elbow raps need to be used on when training with very heavy weights. They are not legal in any Federation and can add some to a single lift bench press. If you use Elbow Raps you need to quit using them a long time before you enter any contest. You can become dependent on Elbow Wraps to the point of developing mental dependency on them. They are good for training only when using heavy weight otherwise don't use them.

Wrist Wraps
I am sure everyone has seen lifters wearing wrist wraps and wondered what purpose they serve. Here is the answer. If a wraped wrist is less painful, then the wraps are going to add pounds to your lift. When lifting we like to do all we can without wraps but will use them with heavy weights. You can become dependent on wraps to the point of developing weak wrist.

Lifting Belt
We believe the belt may help some if you push out against it or it may just be a mental crutch. If you are using the exaggerated Powerlifters Arch a super tight belt can be painful. A standard belt is four inches. Most Federations do not allow the wider belfts. You need to use a belt when doing benches, squats and deadlifts.

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