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Dumbbell Bench Press
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Dumbbell Bench Presses
Doing benches will dumbbells actually works more muscles than barbell benches. This is because more stabilizer muscles are needed to keep control of the dumbbells. However, it is because of the unwieldy nature of dumbbells that they can be more dangerous. If a dumbbell "gets way from you" while performing a lift, you could pull something trying to pull it back in place. To avoid this, be sure to concentrate at all times while using dumbbells. Of course, that's good advice when lifting in general, but even more so with dumbbells.

The biggest difficulty with dumbbells is getting them into place. I would suggest the following: Set the weights at the foot of the bench and sit on the end. Pick up the weights and swing them onto your thighs, pointing up. Then lean backwards keeping your legs bent. Only when you're lying on the bench, lower your legs to the floor, and then rotate the weights into place. Keeping the legs bent while going back will help prevent straining the back. Just be careful you don't roll off the bench before you put your legs down!

Dumbbells can also be used for doing incline and decline benches. And the same comments above would apply for these exercises as well. The only difference is, for declines you would have to have someone hand the weights to you after getting set, as they're no way to safely get in position while holding the weights.

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