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Decline Bench Press
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Decline Bench Presses
These work the lower pecs and anterior delts. But they are very awkward to do. You are almost hanging upside down, which can cause a headache for many. And it can be difficult to press the weight up without "wobbling" as you do. But if one get get the hang of them, declines are an effective exercise. They work the lower pecs, which are involved in regular benches, especially if you arch when benching. We see a lot of lifters doing decline benches. If they would spend more time on incline benches they would be better off. The flat bench works the lower chest and many lifters look almost like they are grower female breast from doing declines. Get the power, do inclines following your bench routine. Some big arch powerlifters may benefit from doing a lot of decline benches but most people get enough lower pec work from flat benches. Most lifters need upper chest work.

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