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Deadlifting Routines

Basic Routine and Power Dead Lift Routines at bottom of this page.

Types of Deadlifts...Assistance Strength Deadlifts

Some of the Syles have a brief demo from another site which shows basic form.
We are asking that all of our lifters use the Conventional Deadlift Form unless you are entering a powerlifting contest. Pay close attention to the wording describing how we do deadlifts.

Considering forearm strength, overhand and underhand grips still suffer from the bar potentially rolling about, which the mixed grip is capable of neutralizing. The mixed grip also allows slightly more weight to be used for this reason, as its more stable to handle. Place the left hand knuckles up and the right hand knuckles down. We wear wrestling shoes and wrist wraps when doing heavy lifting. Some may also wear knee wraps. Don't wear a deadlift suit for bodybuilding and powerlifting unless you are entering a contest. Equipped lifts are destroying the sport of powerlifting. Equipment and drugs will keep powerlifting out of the Olympics forever.

Conventional Deadlifts
Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and anyone who want to improve their body and strength.
Grasp the bar with your hands on the outside of your legas about shoulder width with your left hand down and your right hand up and lock fingers. When you lift drop you rear down, head back, back straight, push down with legs at the same time pull up with your shoulders and back while griping the bar tightly. Drag the bar straight up without bending your arms. When you are at the top finish position pull your shoulders back back with a slight lean back if possible. You will not try to lift your traps but pull your shoulder back. Sometimes if your are at the top position and cannot get your shoulders back and just stick your chest forward and try to lean back often the judge will give the lift to you.

Click Here...For Conventional Deadlift Demonstration.

SUMO Deadlift
Powerlifters Only
Some short men with powerful legs or thick wasted individuals and many powerlifters find they prefer to lift with the hands inside the knees (sumo style) to shorten distance they lift the weight and more or less turn the deadlift into a modified squat. We do not like that style of lifting and it does not do as much for building the body. Throughout lift keep hips low, shoulders high, arms and back straight. Keep bar close to body to improve mechanical leverage. This is not a true deadlift but it is now legal and most often form used in most Federations competitions. This is not what we believe you should do when doing deadlifts unless you are a powerlifter and a physically made for sumo style deadlifts. It not a quality body-building form. This style of lifting turns the deadlift into a second squat. The Sumo deadlift is a variation of the deadlift whereby the legs are spread far apart to the sides, mimicking a sumo stance, hence the name. This variation changes the emphasis of the lift to the legs instead of the back, though it still plays a part to a lesser degree. The sumo deadlift is purported to be easier for those with large waists, and if done incorrectly, is capable of placing excessive stress on the hips and hamstrings, as well as the connective tissues of the pelvic bone and by extension, the lower back.

Click Here For...
Detailed article written by champion powerlifter covering both Sumo and Conventional Deadlifts.

Romanian Deadlift
The Romanian deadlift, in spite of its name, is not a true deadlift as the bar doesn't touch the floor (except for initially picking the bar up) for the duration of the movement. If it does, it means proper form is not being executed. This variation places emphasis on the hamstrings and lower back. We usta do this a lot with great success in bodybuilding.
Click Here...For Romanian Deadlift Demo.

Lockouts or Partials
Bar is placed on rack/pins or boxes at various heights to do partial movements. Partials can be done at any level for any distance throughout the whole movement. For Powerlifting training for upper back, hamstring and trap strength. For Bodybuilding training for size in back and traps. Also for ego.

Stiff-legged Dedlift
Use a standard bar with a conventional grip. Do as you would a conventional regular deadlift but do not bend knees. Works quads, hips, hamstrings and lower back. May be dangerous.

Platform or Box Deadlifts
Stand on a box or platform, usually 3-4 inches in height, so bar starts on top of shoe. Pull from that point in regular form, either sumo or conventional. Using a hip belt, attach chain around bar (e-z curl is best) and straddling bar like the Jefferson lift up until erect. Works hips, upper and lower back. Works hips and quads.

In a power rack pull against pins set at different heights/levels. No full range motion. You would have to sets pins at numerous and multiple levels to work full range of any lift.

Jefferson Lift
Bar is straddled and gripped outside the body front and back lift until you are erect towards crotch.

Platform Deadlifts
Weight is suspended from waist and goes through a hole in the platform. Leg and glute workout without low back involvement.

Gerard Trap Bar
Similar to sissy squats but holding onto a Gerard Trap Bar. Do as you would a conventional regular deadlift but do not bend knees. Works quads, hips, hamstrings and lower back. May be dangerous.

Sissy Deadlifts
Hold dumbbell in each hand, and squat down, keep upper legs in line with torso. This can also be done by holding dumbbells cradled in arms. Archaic, tough on knees.

One Legged
Standing on one leg pull as you would a regular deadlift. Puts a lot of stress on the knee used when no weights are available. Then switch to the other leg.

Magic Circle- quat and Deadlift
Called Perry Rader squats/deadlifts; metal circle w/shoulder harness, weights hung on circle. Archaic and somewhat dangerous, as circle swings. We really liked this but it never cought on as it is a real hassle to use.

Click Here...Andy Bolton Article
Partial deadlift movement routines.

Click Here...Powerlifting Academy Guide to Deadlifting

Six Week Conventional Power Dead lift Routine
Click Here...Powerlifter Routine
This is the two day a week routine used by several powerlifters that seems to fit the work load of many lifters.

Basic Conventional Dead Lift Routine

Warm up with light weight and stretching first.
Dead Lift off floor 7 sets total 54 reps.
Monday and Thursday. Make one day heavy and the second about 40% lighter.
10 light warm ups
8 ~ 6 ~ 4 ~ 3 ~ 6 ~ 8 ~ 10 done as ladder-sets increasing weight on way up to set of three and decrease on way down. Do not lift and roll shoulders, complete as if in a contest by pulling shoulder to normal position and head back. This rep set is going to make your back grow larger and stronger.

Modified Powerlifter Shrugs
4 sets x 10. If you are working out on a two day routine do these at the end of your workout. All great athletes generally do shrugs and and deadlifts with the Olympic bar. You need to use as much weight as possible as long as you can keep perfect form, but many have made great gains with only their bodyweight. This will make your shoulders, back and traps stronger mitigating injuries that may harm other lifters.

If you are not doing squats on another day you need to do some leg press work.

Do ab work and treadmill work following your lifting.

Valantin Dikul may be the best lifter ever, hes in his late fifties and lifting RAW
Some say this is fake but WE believe he for real, well known and famous in Russia. I know the lifts are not IPF perfect but he is lifting RAW doing more than BOLTON. I think the no spotters, no equipment makes people wonder even more if this is faked but I think it is real based on who is doing the lifting.

Watch this clip, Squats, Dead Lifts, Benchers, Motivation.
There are unbelievable dead lifts, squats and benches in this five minute clip. After the little body builder finishes his partial overheads its all power lifters and olympic lifters. One guy is doing strict military press overhead high reps with 315, several big benches, several 800+ dead lifters, one doing eight reps with 700, a 1000 pound squat-er. Both old school and new guy lifters. None of this is faked. This is POWERLIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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