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Close Grip Bench Press
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Lay flat on the bench and grip the bar with you hands approximately six inches apart (not more than 12" at most) lift the bar off and lower it to your lower chest, pause for a moment and press back to starting position. Repeat for the number of reps listed. Close grip bench press will help with tricep, and upper chest development. Anyone wanting a good bench needs to do close grip bench press and incline bench press. Most CERTIFIED trainers prefer that you have your hands within 6-12 inches of each other. As far as poundage's are concerned, there is no other triceps exercise that can match the close grip bench. Utilizing this will create hypertrophy in your larger fast twitch muscle fibers, in other words if you want mass these are right in line with that! In edition, close grip bench has been known to sky rocket peoples traditional bench presses. Remember, your tris play a huge role in benching! We prefer a easy curl bar but you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Use a grip with your hands 6-12 inches apart. This grip places much greater stress onto your triceps. If you need to, allow your hands to rotate such that the thumbs come out from under the bar and wrap around the top. Keep your shoulder blades tight into each other press the weight up and down like a normal bench press. There should be absolutely no cheating here! Concentrate heavily on your triceps, feeling them contract on each press. This is a close grip bench not a narrow grip bench press. You can't handle as much weight and need to wear wrist raps. This really hits the triceps and chest better than a narrow grip bench press. Powerlifters often call a Narrow Grip Bench Press a Close Grip but they are two completely different routines.

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Hands will always be inside the width of your shoulders or less if possible.

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