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Chain Bench Press ~ Supplements

Chain Bench Press
Chain Bench Press Builds Lockout Power

The best chains are 5 feet long, 5/8 link size and 20 lbs each. We like to use a small link chain attached to a spring collar hanging down with a large clip on the end of the small chain that attaches to the larger floor chains. You can adjust the height the chains raise by moving the clip up or down the link of the small hanging chain to allow for shorter or taller lifters or to lift more chain higher. We like to use certain weight chains that increase to a specific weight upon lock out. Some use several smaller chains that are weight specific or have additional weight attached to reach a known weight at a specific height during the bench press.

The chains can be found at most industrial tool supply companies. For bench pressing, we will attach the chains to the bar so that when the arms are fully extended, half the chain is resting on the floor. After lowering the bar to the chest, all the chain is on the floor. By doing this, the original bar weight is maintained. If you have 400 pounds on the bar plus 80 pounds of chains attached (2 sets of chains), with half the chain already on the floor, that adds up to 440 at the lockout position, but when the bar is lowered, all the chain is on the floor and the total weight on the bar is reduced to the original 400 at the lifters chest. As you press, the weight gradually increases to 440 at lock out.

Training with chains in this manner accomplishes six things.
(1) Your true bench press form can be maintained.
(2) You can overload at lockout easily even when alone. (Bench in a power-rack or use safety stands when alone)
(3) You know exactly how much weight you are benching at lock out and at other points during the lift.
(4) You can maintain your original weight in order to use the correct percentage for explosive training.
(5) You will have overloaded the top portion of the lift, which normally does not receive sufficient work because of increased body leverage at this position.
(6) A neurological response to build explosive strength is developed. This will train you to drive to the top because you cannot slack off at the top as many lifter do about half way up.

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