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Modifided Heavy Hands System
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You can make this workout fit your schedule, there is no GYM membership to pay for or equipment needed. You need to be self motivated.

Modified Heavy Hands System
We like to do this program at least three or four days a week as it is easy and takes very little time. This program is used for people who need to lose weight, gain muscle and get in shape that may not be ready for a weight program or have interest in a weight program. You need to combine walking with free body squats, light high rep deadlifts and ab work.

We prefer to take two tablespoons of Vitol Egg Protein in juice thirty minutes before our workout with apples, oranges or bananas.

Take a very light Dumb Bell or whatever you have in each hand and go walking while doing hammer curls and side lateral raises one after the other in sets of eight each while walking as intensely as you can.

Your first walk may only last five or ten minutes depending on your condition. Sometimes weather may make walking outside difficult but you can use the curb in your garage or a six inch step box instead of the street. Just step up and down alternating feet while doing hammer curls and lateral raises.

You may need to stop for rest during your walk but we would like to see you do this for twenty to thirty minutes without having to stop for rest within 90 days. Some may need to do the hammer curls and side lateral raises one block and just walk the next, but the main idea is to gradually increase distance and reps performed in the time period you devote to your Heavy Hands Walk.

Modified Heavy Hands System-Optional Free Body Squats.
Many will be happy with the walk but if you are able we like to do Free Standing Body Squats immediately following the Heavy Hands Walk. See how many you can do the first time and make an effort to increase the number of reps you do each time. You may only be able to do only 10-20 free standing body squats the first time without stopping. If this is the case, rest a short period of time and do two more sets of whatever you can do. As you improve you should be able to do at least 100 without stopping within 90 days. You should be able to work up to 300-500 over a period of time even if you have to do them in sets of 100 with little rest between sets.

As soon as you complete the body squats move to an ab roller or do leg raises off a flat bench, both is better. You must start slowly and increase over a period of time to at least 300 reps (more is better), even if you have to do them in sets of 50.

Optional-Knee Lifts with Plam Thrust Speed Reps.(Click Here)
Like to do these for fifteen minutes before we do our Modified Heavy Hands Walk.

Optional-High Rep Deadlifts.
We like to do at least two-three quick sets of 25 rep light weight conventional deadlifts after our heavy hands walk but this is not mandatory.

Modified Heavy Hands System-Equipment.
You can buy a cheap ad roller at Wall-Mart for around $20 so there is not a lot of expense involved in this program or just do your reps on the floor. You can use a DB for the walk or whatever you have that you can carry easily to do your hammer curls with. You can use any weight lifting bar or whatever you have to do the conventional deadlifts with as long as you can easily do 25 reps without any back pain. We do not consider getting sore or out of breath to be back pain.

Log your workout. food and remember you must increase the amount of work performed during a period of time in order to make gains. You cannot do the same work load and expect to make gains.

Some may want to do one of these routines following the DB Walk instead of the squats. It is best to do all the above if possible.

How to weigh yourself

Other Options

Cycling ~ Rowing ~ Running ~ Step Box

Box Step or Curb Walking
Sometimes weather may make walking outside difficult but you can use the curb in your garage or a six inch step box instead of the street. Just step up and down alternating feet while swinging the db. This is actually better in many ways as far as the development of the legs are concerned.

You can use a treadmill for your walk but if you intend to use the db routine which is needed make sure you are secured in a manner that you don't fall off the platform. Make sue the platform is flat and don't increase the speed but distance for safety.

High Rep Deadlifts
Conventional Deadlifts can be done as a cardio if you do do high reps and light weights. Some like to do high rep deadlifts combined with the heavy hands walking system.

Front Snap Kicks
Love to do these is high numbers following the Modified Heavy Hands Walk or a workout.
Front Snap Kicks
We like to do a couple hundred kicks on light lifting days. We do these very fast alternating legs for high reps. Finish with side snap kicks.

We know a lady that lost from 320 lbs to 212 lbs in a short period of time just doing part one. When she started she could only make it about one block but over a period of time was able to go for five miles. We have not seen her in years as she moved away but since she is a motivated doer we know reached her 125 lb goal and added routine one to her program. If you will start and never stop you will achieve the same results or better. If someone that out of shape can make it back anyone can.

Some individual are not ready for any sort of routine with weights or time limits etc so they should just start off walking. Walking one mile in 15 minutes burns about the same number of calories as jogging an equal distance in 8.5 minutes. Heavier people who walk burn more calories than lighter people. Walking faster will not burn more calories per minute but will produce more dramatic conditioning effects for the heart and lungs.

Final note.
Remember to watch what you eat! Cold water fish, Liver, chicken and green vegetables are preferred foods without bread and very little dairy products. You need to take multi-vitamins, Vitol egg protein and supplements described under supplements on our home page. Soy milk is preferred over other milk because the fat is unsaturated fat. Good carbs come from vegetables. Eat all of the green and red vegetables you want and then some more. Good carbs are rice, sweet potatoes, yams, brown rice, oatmeal, asparagus, spinach, DARK BEANS, fibrous vegetables and when taken early help avoid fat storage. Drink a protein-shake made with VITOL egg-white protein, bananas or other fruit and a cup of ice each morning with orange juice, sweet potato, two eggs and OATMEAL. Sweet Potatoes are fast acting carbs used to fill out depleted muscles and are good to eat before a workout.

If you eat in the manner described above and do the Modified Heavy Hands System at least four times a week, you will add muscle and lose fat. One more time, Do not eat bread unless you want to get fat.

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