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Benchpress Routine

Week One of Six week Routine

We normally do the full routine on Tuesday and Friday. Some elect to do a Monday, Wednesday and Friday routine lifting light on Wednesday.

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This routine is based on a max 475 pound one rep bench press.

Find the percentage of the lift and multiple it times your max one rep max dead lift weight.
If your max is 500 and the lift percentage is .40 500 (.40%) You would use 200 pounds for that rep set.
If your max is 400 and the lift percentage is .40% 400 (.40%0 You would use 160 pounds for that rep set.

Bench Press
135 x 10 rep warm up. (3 sets)
5 x 225 at 47%
5 x 250 at 53%
5 x 275 at 57%
4 x 300 at 63%
3 x 325 at 74%
9 x 225 at 47%
9 x 205 at 43%

Close Grip Bench Press
205 x 9 at 43%
225 x 8 at 47%
250 x 2 at 53%
300 x 1 at 63%

Tri Supersets
Click...Tri Superset
Combines eight bent arm pullovers, eight close grip bench press and eight lying tricep extensions into one set of 24 reps. You need to do four sets. These weights need to be as heavy as possible in each set.

Hammer Curls
Four sets of Hammer Curls.

500 Legs Raises
500 Ab Roller sET uPS

Tread Mill fifteen minutes.

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Christopher A. Liftiano...Chis Lift

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