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Board Bench Press

We have found a better way to do board lifts. You can use telephone books or towels. You stack the towels on top of each other to the height of the board you are wanting to use. Compress the stack until it is firm at the height needed. Tape the stack together with Scotch package tape until it is firm. Attach six feet of commercial grade visqueen to extend around the towel pad and either sew or tape it into place. Cover with vinyl or a case of some sort with the visqueen coming out from both sides. You just put it up to your chest and pull the visqueen tight and lay down on the bench and perform you lift. This eliminates the need for the third spotter. We have done the same thing with telephone books but find the compressed towels make a better fit to the chest and stay in place better and the press is more natural and felt on the chest in the same manner a to the chest bench would be felt. This is vastly superior the boards.

This is kind of of like having a power rack but better for benching. You make up a one, two, three, four and six board stack. The link below show the standard way most powerlifters use and make boards.

Standard Board Routine...Board Bench Press Demo.
A board press allows the lifter to use weights higher than your full range press, and still create both the negative and positive motion of the press. You should pause the majority of all your lifts. The spotter holding the board must hold the board firmly not allowing it to tilt towards the lifter when the bar hits the board or move around.

This exercise is similar to power rack lockouts. Only here, one places two to four boards (nailed together) on the chest. Lower the bar until it taps the boards and then press the weight. The above link shows exactly how to make and perform board bench presses.

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