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Bench Press Described

v/u Bench Press ~ Preferred Style U-V-Goal Post Bench Press

All Other Bench Related Styles and Assistance

Arch Bench Press

Assistance Work Article

Bench Press Form and Technique Guide-Covers many bench press forms and how to set up.

Bench Press Routines ~ Charts ~ General Info

Band Bench Press Described.

Bench Press Creep Downs Described.

Bench Press Shirt Described.

Board Bench Press ~ Board Bench Alternative.

Board and shirt lifters need to read this article.

Chain Bench Press Described.
This the great one.

Close Grip Bench Press Described.

Decline Bench Press Described.

Dumbell Bench Press Described.

Incline Bench Press Described.

Narrow Grip Bench Press Information
Same basic bench style as the close grip but with the hands placed where the smooth part of the bar starts on each side, no more than 28 inches apart. This is a narrow grip bench not a close grip bench. Some short armed lifters may find this close to their normal grip and would be better served doing a close grip bench press.

Pause Bench Press Described.

Power Rack Bench Press Demo
Many still prefer the rack to any other method. Rules are the same whether you are benching, deadlifting or squating. Start heavy approximately three inches below lock out work down in a rack a hole at a time decreasing the weight as you go down in each hole. We want to slowly increase the amount of weight over a period of time we use so that eventually we are able to use the weight we originally started with at the top the bottom.

Reverse Bench Press
We like to do revese hand bench-presses immediately following our bench press routine. This warms up the triceps and works the chest in a differnt angle. Trun you hands palm up and gip the bar in the same place as you would when doing a normal bench. Take the bar off the rack and bring down to your chest in a controlled manner, pause at your chest then push back up. Repeat for reps per your bench routine.

Reps-Number of Reps To Meet Goal
What are your goals? Work within the reps required to reach your goals.

Standard and Wide Grip Bench Press
A standard powerlifter bench places the hands at 32 inches. Some call 32" a wide grip but this is the standard correct grip. We want to go past 32 inches as far as possible and still maintain control of the bar in a safe manner when we do our maximum wide grip bench press.

Bench Press Sticking Points.

Touch and Go Bench Press

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