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Sometimes walking a mile before working out helps you perform better.

Gain Muscle Mass...Strength...5 LB Increase
If you want to increase your muscle mass you should not train more than four times a week. Don't bench more than twice in one week. You need to work as heavy as possible with the majority of your sets in the five to eight rep range and not spend your time on high rep or isolation sets. When successful at a workout weight you increase the weight next workout by five pounds. Rep Range

All bench sets and assistance work is designed to work together to increase your bench press. If you add additional work or delete part of the program you will not have the same success.

If you continually have extreme fatigue, soreness and cannot recover, delete the middle week workout or go back to or stay on routine one.

There are a lot of sets and assistance work which may be more than some can handle and recover from in a timely manner. If you cannot recover, eliminate the middle week workout, do only the Tri-Supersets and Pushdowns for assistance work. Get in shape! Your muscles quickly become accustomed to steady training and grow enough to do the work demanded of them. You must jolt these muscles out of their regular routine which is why our workouts change weekly/monthly and rotate.

What some of our lifters take before a workout. Ask Your doctor before doing the same thing.
Vitol Egg Protein 2-3 table spoons in a shake with juice and eat some fruit.
Mix protein in soy milk with bananas and a cup of ice.
Take 5g or one teaspoon of creatine in shake before workout.
Take 5g Arginine before workout.
Take Gammao a good product with a lot of health advantages. Some have done well using M4 Nutrition's MoJo or Tribulos daily per directions.
Take 5g of glutamine after workout.
Take a Multi Mineral Vitamin daily, 2000g vitamin c, fish oil, 1000 iu vitamin d, hyralonic acid, two natural sterol complex tablets, two bayer back and body tablets.

Our lifters grow and become strong because lower reps and max weights force the muscle to expand. We combine the bodybuilder higher rep work with powerlifting routines for best results. If you follow the routine EXACTLY as outlined and really work hard you will become strong.

Some lazy individuals say there is not enough time for rest in our routines and that we are over training. Most of these people worry so much about overworking they never really do anything. We have a lifter born in 1946 who is 6'-2" tall weighing only 221 lbs that does 225 pounds for a set of 41 easy touch and go reps after doing his routine. If somone that slender and that old can rep like that when he benches heavy three times without being over worked it seems younger lifters should be able to handle the work load better. Its all in your head, desire and drive. If you cannot do the work, get in better shape. You may want to do the Modified Heavy Hands routine after your bench, squat or deadlifting routine.

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