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Bench Press Routines
Charts, Sticking Points, Bench Described, Federations, Modified Heavy Hands, Bench Press Shirts

Most lifters need to stay with routine one and adjust the routine to meet their ability. An NFL defensive tackle never went past routine one in the two years he trained with me. He was very large and strong.Routines three through eight are powerlifter routines.

If you become a serious lifter you need to work a routine for approximately 60-90 days before you move to another routine or make changes. The body will adapt and needs the changes to keep making progress especially for bodybuilding. Work a routine then go back to routine one for a couple weeks, take off a week and go to the next routine. This is not working a cycle type routine but seems to work as well or better for us. Some of these routines may be excessive for most lifters as they include many sets and three day routines. Many will do better if strength is what You are after with a two day a week bench routine, one heavy one about 70% but we want to look like a bodybuilder and lift like a powerlifter which requires more work.

Bench Press Routine One
A Six Week Routine
Modified Heavy Hands
Cardio Routine Number Two
Additional routines for powerlifting etc will be posted soon.

Bench Press Shirt
Raw Bench Press Form
Bench Press Routines Assistance Work Described

Why we do these routines.
Bench Press Rest Periods
Bench Reps-How Many Required?
Bench One Rep Chart
How to set up and do an ARCH Bench with a Bench Shirt.
Bench Press Sticking Points
Most Powerlifting Federations.
Southern Powerlifting Federation.
This video show proper way to bench and save shoulders

Mendelson shows correct bench press form

100% Raw Powerlifting, No Bench Shirt, NO Squat or Deadlift Suits - Just the lifter!!!
Information available on nearly all Federations and scheduled contest.
Article on overload principle and full reps vs partial reps.

You will benefit by reading the articles below from really big names concerning bench press, bench press shirts, deadlifing, squats and other routines.
There is a great powerlfiting clip at the bottom of this page.

Learn How To Bench In A Bench Press Shirt-John Hudson

Utube video show You how to put on a Bench Press Shirt

Matt Kroc On Bench Shirts and equipment

Learn how to break in a bench press shirt

Shawn Lattimers comments concerning Bench Shirts.
Covers how they were for safety but how they evolved into what they are today, how to pick a shirt and a lot of qualifty info.

Glen Chabot goes back to RAW Benching.
If you read "Monster Bencher", then you've heard the history of Glen Chabot. Glen used to be a bencher that used benching equipment, now he is a RAW benchin' monster! He has been able to bench up to 665 without a shirt

Ted Arcidi On Shirts

Article covering how to use a bench shirt in detail.

Weight Lifting Discussion Board full of routines.

Paul Bossi with the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation interviewed by Muscle and Brawn.

Iron Man Magazine Interviews, videos, both raw and equipped Powerlifters and Bodybuilders
Barbara Tunage bodybuilder even better at 60, Jsoh Bryant, Orlando Green, BRANNDON CASS, Sean Katterle

Valantin Dikul may be the best lifter ever, hes in his late fifties and lifting RAW
Some say this is fake but WE believe he for real, well known and famous in Russia. I know the lifts are not IPF perfect but he is lifting RAW doing more than BOLTON. I think the no spotters, no equipment makes people wonder even more if this is faked but I think it is real based on who is doing the lifting.

Watch this clip, Squats, Dead Lifts, Benchers, Motivation.
There are unbelievable dead lifts, squats and benches in this five minute clip. After the little body builder finishes his partial overheads its all power lifters and olympic lifters. One guy is doing strict military press overhead high reps with 315, several big benches, several 800+ dead lifters, one doing eight reps with 700, a 1000 pound squat-er. Both old school and new guy lifters. None of this is faked. This is POWERLIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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