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Band Bench Press Described!

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Bands used with Bench Press
Use a good spotter and have a lift off.
Take your Band and hook over the end of the bar and loop under the bench and back over the other end of the bar. This will help you by increasing the work load as the bar goes up to lock out. Take the bar off the rack and bring down to your chest in a controlled manner, pause at your chest then push back up to lock out. Many people can lock out with more weight than they can pause off their chest with. This continously increases the weight. Repeat for reps per your bench routine.

If your bands are not long enough tie them together. Some use bungie cords in the following manner. Take cords long enough to stretch to max length at lock out with lock rings to go over the bar next to the weights. Run the cord down to a cord or attachment securely anchored accross bottom of bench with a little stretch left and attach. When you lift off the weight will be very heavy and may your spotter help control on the way down, press back up and the weight will increase to be very hard at lock out. If the weight is not heavy enough just add additional cords. Be careful when you use cords as they can break over a period of time or when stretched to far.

We believe you will be better served doing the chain bench press routine.

West Side Barbell Club's Article on Chains and Bands. GREAT READ!!

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