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Brief information on the assistance work we prefer!

There are hundreds of assistance exercises that you can do but it is best to start with just a few and do them well. If you really put maximum effort into these assistance exercises you will have more than enough assistance work, especially for anyone that is not an advanced Bodybuilder or Powerlifter.

These exercises were selected because they seem to work best in building power, not just looks. The old school said that you need to be strong first, many do not understand this concept today. You need to be as strong as you look and look as strong as you are. You need to concentrate on the basic powerlifting work to build your foundation for success which means Deadlifts, Squats and Bench Press.

If you want to increase your muscle mass you should not train more than four times a week. You need to work as heavy as possible with sets in the five to eight rep range with no high rep sets and no isolation sets. When successful at a workout weight you increase the weight next workout by five pounds. Strength athletes and champion Powerlifters generally use a two day bench routine with reps in the one to three range and lift heavy on both days. We prefer to use the bodybuilder routine of three days doing a powerlifter one day one, a higher rep bodybuilder routine on day two and finish with a combination day. Some claim they cannot recouperate, get in shape. The primary difference in Powerlifting and Bodybuilding is that Bodybuilders want to isolate and some will also high rep each muscle group. Powerlifters want to get the whole body to work as one unit to move more weight.

When working the powerlifter routine you should get at least FIVE minutes minimum rest between sets. As a bodybuilder you can do more reps with a longer rest period but if you will utilize a shorter rest period you increse your natural growth-hormone. We like the longer rest period on the bench press, squat and deadlift and little rest as possible when doing assistance work. You increase definition with shorter rest periods utilizing higher ten plus rep isolated sets. Best size is obtained in the five to eight rep range. Strength is increased in the one to three range with heavy poundage. The heavier weight you can rep with the more the muscle is forced to expand. Reps Required...Click Here

Many champion Powerlifters never isolate, do not use dumbbells and win championships. Bodybuilders need to be able to lift heavy in order to increase size and density but need to isolate specific muscle groups because an isolated muscle becomes more defined when isolated.

We always ladder-set/progressive-set, (up one side the ladder and down the other) which means to increase the weight lifted and decrease the number of reps, then when you start back down you decrease the weight and increase the reps. When you first start on Total Body Workout One with the Bench Press emphasized you may want to use the same weight for all assistance reps. It should be heavy enough that the last rep is hard and the final set is hard all of the way through.

When you do assistance work you need to do the work in the exact order listed in the routine that Chris designed for you. We want to tie the exercise together so that they work off of each-other. Take as short of rest between sets as possible and still be able to complete the sets.

Most of the excercises we use are time proven. Many of the body building excercies that people use today were actually created by John Grimreck and Reg Park back in the forties and fifties. Many of the powerlifting routines are new or reworked routines that take advantage of the new equipment and supplements now available.

If you do our Routines you need to do them exactly as listed. Do not add additional assistance work or change anything. All bench sets and assistance work is designed to work together to increase your size, bench press, squat, deadlift, total body strength and athletic ability. If you add additional work or delete part of the program you will not have the same success. The reason many bodybuilders are not as strong as they look and some powerlifters do not look as strong as they are is that many bodybuilders isolate and overwork with light weights and powerlifters try to get their total body to work as a unit with ladder set increases with heavier weights as the number of reps go down without any isolation movements or high rep sets. We want to combine the two types into one that makes you,


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Motivation seems to come and go in most people and it always affects the training. The trick is to keep it going during the heavy training times and relax it during the slow times. As we all know you cannot keep 100% motivated all of the time. Your workout partners can be a big help in this area. Keep each other pumped, keep all distractions to a minimum (i.e. no cell phone, ipods, blackberries,etc.) during the workout. While you are stretching and getting ready for the workout, concentrate on each set and each rep. Go over it in your mind, watching yourself perform it. Get a head start on the workout this way. Make sure whatever supplements you are taking before, during and after the workout it is on a continuous scheduled basis. Remember to have everything you need for your training time already there before you get there. Drinks, equipment, etc. Keep focused and keep the distractions to a minimum. Be polite but stay away from all the others in the gym, especially the pencil neck geeks. You can be nice to them later and help them with their "curl routines" at a later time. Focus, focus, focus and let nothing distract you from your appointed time with the iron.

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