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Assistance Work
Form & Routines Described

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There are unbelievable dead lifts, squats and benches in this five minute clip. After the little body builder finishes his partial overheads its all power lifters and olympic lifters. One guy is doing strict military press overhead high reps with 315, several big benches, several 800+ dead lifters, one doing eight reps with 700, a 1000 pound squat-er. Both old school and new guy lifters. None of this is faked. This is POWERLIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now get to work but when You like doing something it is not really work!!

Most of the definitions are formal terms not slang. We use the same terms when possible that Arnold used in his book, ExRx descriptions or name assigned by Joe Weider. Some terms are per Chris Lift's new routines only found on this site.

A must read. Form, Style, Technique Routine Considerations

Ab Work Described

Bench Press
V/U BENCH FORM, Arch Bench, Standard Power Lift Bench, Bench Press Creep Downs, Narrow Grip Bench, Close Grip Bench, Incline Bench, Chain Bench, Band Bench, Board Benching, Bench Press Shirts, Decline Bench, Dumbell Bench Press, Reverse Bench, Pause Benching, Power Rack Benching, Rep Range, Sticking Points, Articles

Bench and other lifting terms described A-Z

Close Grip Front Pull downs

Cardio-Modified Heavy Hands System.

Cardio-Knee Lifts with Plam Thrust Speed Reps.

Cardio-Front Snap Kicks Described
Like to do these very fast alternating legs for high reps. Finish with side snap kicks.

Deadlifting Form and Styles.

Arm Work
Hammer Curls, Reverse Curls, DB Bicep Curls, Forearm Twist Isolation Curls, Swinging Dumbbell Swimming, Swinging DB Hammer Curls, Twisting Band Curls

Modified Powerlifter Shrugs Described.

Equipment-Bench Shirts, Wrist Wraps, Elbow Wraps, Belts

Stretching Bench Press Sticking Points

Legs Press-Machine

Legs Extensions-Machine (View Short Clip)

Overload Principle ~ Full vs Partial Reps.

Personal Trainers - Alternatives

Rest time between sets for Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Combination Lifters

Rep Range for Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Combination Lifters

Squats Described
Full Squats, Back Squats, Front Squats, Hack Squats, Half Squats, Body Squats, Lock Out Squats.

Stretching Stretching Described

T-Bar Rows and other back routines described

Treating Sore Muscles and Tendons

Triceps Work
Bent Arm Pullovers, Close Grip Bench Press, Evett Tri Supersets, Lying Triceps Extensions, French Press, Lying Triceps Extensions, Triple Tri Superset, Pushdowns, Dips, Hammer Curls

Treadmill Demo

Weigh Yourself
To Learn How To Weigh Yourself.

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