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Develops mass and strength of the pectoral muscles (middle and front deltoids. The incline angle tends to put more stress on the upper chest and deltoids. You will not be able to lift, as much in the incline-bench as you do on the flat bench-press.

This is one of the major assistance exercises used by Hollie Evett, one of the Worlds greatest Powerlifters in the seventies. Hollie could place a glass on top of his pectoral and walk around without it falling off. Arnold Schwarzenegger used this exercise to help him build his tremendous physique. He said it is one of the best for the upper chest.

Lie back on the incline bench reach up and grasp the bar with the same grip you use on the flat bench-press. Lift the bar off the rack holding it overhead with the arms locked then lower the bar to your chest, pause for two counts and press it back to your starting position and repeat until you do the number of sets listed.

Warning, you need to find the right groove or the bar will float forward and fall into your knees. You need a good training partner to spot you, especially while getting used to the incline.

We prefer an incline bench that allows for several angles. Many are fixed nearly straight up to where it is almost like you are doing military presses instead of an incline bench. Some lifters place a step under the front of the bench, if you do this be very careful.

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